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Gamelan In Situ

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The ensemble Gamelan In Situ was established in 2011 by David to perform the Suharto/Kotlowy dance work In Lieu. The ensemble also premiered Lagu Cinta (Love Songs), with award-winning emerging artists, soprano, Kate Macfarlane and tenor, Robert Macfarlane at OzAsia Festival 2013, and music for Patina for OzAsia Festival 2018.

Members comprise Margret Eusope (bonang panerus), Hannah Tunstill (bonang barung), Emily Rustanto (gendèr & saron, kempul, gong), Julian Tunstill (saron & slenthem), with Guy Tunstill performing in In Lieu, and Lagu Cinta, and Gerard Kotlowy, Patina. The unusual instrumental combination does not include a kendang (drum) player, who traditionally performs the conductor's role of controlling tempo and dynamics.

Gamelan In Situ play on an antique set of bronze instruments from Blora, Northern Java, which have saron and gendèr keys (wilah) cut in the bevelled, Blimbingan style. The original name of this set is unknown, but its sound is being heard after years of silence and neglect.



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